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Class STD -VII

CLASS : 7, Bangla, Lesson: by Kaniz Sultana
Maths, Std.VII, Exercise-5.4:H.C.F & L.C.M (Part-2)
STD-7 Arts & Crafts Chapter-5 by Shakila
24 June 2020
Maths,STD.VII, Exercise-5.4:MCQ
Maths,Std.VII,Ex-5.4, CQ
6 July 2020(2)Bangla 1st STD 7
STD-7 I Sub: BGS I Chp: 7 (C/Q, MCQ) by Monira Mita
Maths, Std. VII, Ch-10: Congruence and Similarity (Part-1)
Arts & Crafts Chapter-6 (Part-1) Shakila
Arts & Crafts, Chapter 5
Maths,Std.VII, Ch-10: Congruence and Similarity (T-1&T-2)
Maths, Std. VII, Ch-10: Congruence and Similarity (Part-1)
STD 7, 6 July 2020(2), Bangla 1st
STD-VII-Religion (chapter 2;lesson 10)
STD-VII-Religion (Chapter-3,Lesson-2,3)
Maths, Std.VII, Theorem -3
Maths, Std.VII, Theorem -4
Bangla 2nd Paper,
Topic : শব্দ গঠন
STD-7, Sub-BGS, Chap-8, less-3,4 by Monira Mita
STD-7 Arts and Crafts class, Chapter-6, Part-2
STD-7 Arts and Crafts class, Chapter-6, Part-3
STD-7, Sub: BGS, Chapter-8, Lesson: 5 by Monira Mita
STD-7, Maths, Theorem-5
STD-7,Bangla 1st Paper, Kanis Miss
STD-7, English 1st Paper, Unit – 7
Std VII, Sub: Hindu Religion by Arpita Miss
Std VII, Sub:Bangla (Kanis Sultana)
STD-VII, English 1st, Topic : Unit- 8, ( 26/08/2020)
STD-VII, Bangla, Kanis Sultana ( 02/09/2020)
STD-VII, Bangla, Kanis Sultana ( 09/09/2020)
STD-7, Live Class Number:1, Chapter-5 (Arts & Crafts)
STD-7, Live Class Number -2, Chapter-6 (Arts & Crafts)
STD-4 Class Bloom, kanis sultana – Bangla

STD-7 Arts and Crafts class