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Informal Education

Cantonment Public School & College
(English Version – JES)

SL Manners & Etiquette SL Discipline
1. Greetings: (Students must greet their teachers & parents at the time of arrival at and departure from home & school. They must also greet the other members of their family, neighbours and playmates once every day) 1. Personal Hygiene: (Students must clip their nails, brush teeth, comb hair, have shower with soap & shampoo, put on clean & decent clothes, shoes & socks etc. regularly)
2. Politeness & Modesty (Students must apologize in case of doing anything wrong, thank for receiving any favour, say “Excuse me” to draw attention of someone etc) 2. Punctuality: (It is one of the keys to success in life)
3. Sharing & Caring (Every student must share something – a chocolate, a sticker, a flower, anything with a classmate / playmate – at least once a week / 4 times a month) 3. Keeping the environment clean: (Besides maintaining personal hygiene, students must contribute to the cleanliness of the environment – both on campus and off campus)
4. Empathy (Students should share the feelings of a sufferer) 4. Queuing (Students must always wait in a queue for their turn; must never overtake someone waiting before them)
5. Covering mouth & nose while sneezing or coughing 5. Students must maintain discipline in the class room, in the corridor, in the playground, on the way from & to home – wherever they are.
6. Respect for every living being (Students must respect to every human being irrespective of color, creed, caste, race, religion or occupation. They must respect all the creatures, trees & plants on earth too) 6. Frugality in using resources
(Students have to be frugal in using all the resources available at school & home)
7. Speaking the truth (even under pressure) 7. Organizing & Managing personal belongings (books, copies, bag, pens & pencils etc)
8. Sacrifice (If needed, Students should give up self interest for the sake of others) 8. Speaking English (you are judged by your effort, not by the mistakes you make)
9. Using standard language – both Bangla & English. (Students must try to avoid local accent & pronunciation while speaking) 9. Attention to the speaker (listen first to the last, then speak; never interrupt)
10. Clemency (forgiveness is a great virtue. Speaking ill of others is a sin) 10. Maintaining a daily routine (every student must maintain a daily routine of his/her own; special occasions & unpredictable incidents may replace a routine activity)