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We believe that for a better relationship among the school administration, students and their immediate families, he / she and his / her family should know and abide by the rules & regulations of the school.


  • Children must be punctual: Gates will be closed at 08.30 am Parents / Guardians or the authorized person must collect their wards on time.
  • If a child is absent up to three days, he / she must bring a letter of excuse signed by parent. A medical certificate along with the letter from the parent will be required if a child is absent for more than three days. Parents must information the office in writing in case of long illness or absence.
  • The school year is divided 2 semesters: January to June (1st Semester), July to September (2nd Semester) Exams are held at the end of each academic year.
  • Girls with long hair have to wear black of white clip & bands. Boys must have short cut hair.
  • Children must not bring materials other than what are required for the class. Toys, magazines etc. not related to the school curriculum will be confiscated.
  • School should be informed of any change in address or telephone number of the student.
  • Parents must urge their children to observe the school rules strictly. A breach of discipline will be dealt severely depending on its gravity. A child may even be expelled if circumstantial evidences against the child are adequate.