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History of CPSC (EV, JES)

Jahanabad Cantonment Public KG school was established with a view to enlightening children amid the enthralling natural beauty and the preaching ground of the great saint Hazrat Khan Zahan Ali (R). Under the superintendence of the Station Headquarters, Jahanabad Cantonment, the school came into being in 1987 as a sister institution of Cantonment Public School with the opening of KG and Nursery classes.

Because of the increasing number of students at Cantonment Public KG School and for a number of other reasons, the need for a separate KG school was being strongly felt for quite a long time. Under those very circumstances, the construction of a five-room building financed from the Station Headquarters’ own fund was completed on 5 December, 1995. The school was inaugurated on 12 February, 1996 and the usual academic activities commenced in the newly constructed academic building on 26 February, 1996 .

To keep pace with the constantly evolving modern education system, it had long been longed for a quality English medium school because there was no standard English medium school in Jahanabad Cantonment, in fact, none in Khulna city. Consequently, Cantonment Public KG School was transformed into an English version school (National Curriculum) from a Bangla version one in 2012. The name of the school was also changed to Jahanabad English School (JES).